Digital trailblazers awarded in Salford

Salford Digital Eagles are set to be awarded for their high flying achievements.

It is all thanks to a unique scheme with Barclays and Salford City Council who partnered together in May 2017.

440 employees have acted as trail blazers to help colleagues, friends and customers to develop their digital skills to benefit them in their everyday lives.

For their achievements 100 are set to receive their Silver Wings at an awards ceremony on 23 November at The Landing.

Recent examples of the work by the Digital Eagles include supporting council colleagues to stay safe online, connecting older people on social media and attending jobs fairs to help jobseekers improve their digital skills and job prospects.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett said: “The Eagles are passionate, proactive people who share some of their skills and knowledge with other people and this is all part of our social movement to create a fully digitally inclusive city.”

“Community spirit is the key to it being a success and there is no better place than Salford for people coming together to help each other.

“The Digital Eagles are fantastic and show that people do not need to go on formal courses to pick up simple tips that can improve their everyday lives.”

At the ceremony a number of people will also receive their Golden Wings as a mark of the exceptional work they have completed helping others to become comfortable and confident online.

Barclays’ nationwide network of Digital Eagles was founded in 2013 to provide free technology guidance and support to both customers and non-customers. As well as providing basic digital skills training, Digital Eagles provide more advanced sessions such as cyber, fraud and coding.

Alison Peacock, Head of Corporate Digital Eagle Programme at Barclays said, “Barclays is now supporting corporate organisations through their own digital transformation journey by implementing a company’s own digital eagle programme and helping them work towards an appropriate culture of digital awareness and innovative capability focussing on a specific business challenge or opportunity.”

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Date published
Wednesday 14 November 2018

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