New specialist dementia respite unit unveiled in Salford set to provide a lifeline to carers

A new specialist dementia respite care unit has been opened in Swinton – the first of its kind in the city.

The Poppy Specialist Dementia Respite Unit, developed by Aspire at its Humphrey Booth Resource Centre site, gives those living with dementia somewhere to stay for long or short periods of time to help carers take a break.

Technology has been incorporated to support each person’s individual needs including a GPS lighting system which help people to sleep reinforced by staff who wear night attire, an Alexa in each room to help with knowing the time and making personal choices on music. All aspects of the furniture and fittings have been designed with dementia in mind from contrasting colour for crockery, flooring and toilet seat to help with the sensory effects and vision changes’, as well as different coloured bedroom doors, and photo frames outside each bedroom door for objects of reference that can be changed and personalised to help people feel at home and recognise the room as their own.

Each room comes with an en-suite bathroom and a choice of profile and divan beds, that suit the individual needs of those living with dementia, including hoists and ceiling tracks if necessary. There is an outside area that has been set up to loop to facilitate those who like to walk and take advantage of our tailor made outside space.

Janet Tuohy, CEO of Aspire, said: “This is a specially designed respite unit using the latest technology. We got together with staff and the people we support and asked what they want as well as linking in with the University of Salford’s Institute for Dementia to develop our specialist offer. We have been forward thinking and we will endeavour to keep updating to suit the needs of each individual.

“We are just absolutely delighted that we have been able to do this with the generous support of The Booth Charities so a big thank you goes to them and we hope that we can help many families in Salford as we can, who will be in desperate need of respite.

“We don’t want carers to get to breaking point – which means they look for long term care home options. Having a respite unit on their doorstep means carers can get a well-earned break and know that their loved ones are in safe hands.

“People that stay with us will be able to use our day care facilities and activities if they want to and carers can book a stay in advance and plan holidays or nights out without being let down at the last minute, if a bed becomes unavailable for respite.”

The new unit, which was made possible by a donation from The Booth Charities, was unveiled by Margaret Hayhurst, from The Booth Charities and Andrea Campbell, the chair of the Aspire board.

Andrea said: “This is a great opportunity to enable people to have a safe service in a state-of-the-art unit and it is staffed by state-of-the-art people.”

You can now book a stay by ringing 0161 607 7150 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or email on

Aspire specialises in supporting people living with dementia, disabilities and learning disabilities, for more information on the new respite unit and other services go to the Aspire website.   

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Date published
Tuesday 26 November 2019

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