Housing provider withdraws from purchase of Swinton Park Golf Club

One of the country’s largest affordable housing providers has pulled out of the purchase of Swinton Park Golf Club, honouring a commitment it had made to members and residents.

Your Housing Group had been exploring the site as an option for development for affordable housing. The Group’s CEO Brian Cronin met with members and residents earlier this year and had agreed that they would not progress with their bid if golf was found to be viable.

Following the release of the findings of the golf viability study commissioned by Salford City Council, Your Housing Group has confirmed that they are to withdraw from the purchase of the site in Salford.

Richard Jones, Director of Growth at Your Housing Group, said: “Our Chief Executive and I took the time to meet with members and residents to discuss our proposals and hear their views, at that time we made the commitment that Your Housing Group would not progress with our bid if golf was found to still be viable.

“Following the release of the findings of the golf viability study, Your Housing Group has decided against proceeding with the purchase of Swinton Golf Club. We will continue to seek ambitious opportunities to provide affordable housing and remain committed to investing in sustainable communities.”

This move from Your Housing Group is welcomed by the City Mayor who sent the housing provider a letter re-stating his desire that the site should remain as a golf course following the outcome of the independent viability report commissioned on behalf of the council which concluded that the golf course was viable.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett has previously met with residents opposing the sale of the club and given them his backing.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett said: “This is welcome news for local people and for the city and I would like to also thank Your Housing Group for the action they have taken and I look forward to working closely with them on other projects in the City given the affordable Housing challenge we have.

“Now that Your Housing Group has withdrawn from a purchase of the site and given that the club closed on 30 September, I would again now urge the owners of the golf course to look at the opportunity for the sale of the course to allow its continued operation as a golf course.”

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Date published
Friday 2 October 2020

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