Salford City Council confirms green space commitment

Salford City Council has issued a firm commitment that green space in the city is being protected.

The council has clarified its position after rumours have spread that the city’s green spaces will no longer protected under the proposed Local Plan.

Salford’s Local Plan, which sets out how the council will manage the future development of the city, is put together by city council in consultation with local people.

The first part of Salford’s Local Plan is being produced now and identifies and protects the city’s environment such as green spaces, town centres and infrastructure. It also provides policies that will be used to determine planning applications.

The second part of Salford’s Local Plan will follow on from part one of the plan and will include details of the scale and distribution of new development and will take into account ongoing work on a joint plan with the other Greater Manchester districts, excluding Stockport.

Councillor Mike McCusker, Executive Support Member for Planning, Housing and Sustainable Development at Salford City Council said: “Just to be very clear – the green space in the city is very important and we will use all the laws, our existing policies relating to the Irwell Valley, sites of biological importance, local nature reserves, a country park and conservation areas and all the powers available to us to protect it, which we have used so successfully recently to defend Broadoak from developers.

“Planning policy is a lengthy and complicated process so some people have misinterpreted it. But we have a team of experts who are working hard behind the scenes to make sure the plan, which covers the next 20 years of development, is right for local people.

“The proposed changes to the latest version are set to be considered and if approved will be published for local people to give their views from 5 February 2021 to 19 March 2021.”

To find out more please see the local plan section.

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Date published
Monday 25 January 2021

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