Salford council encourages residents to register to vote

Salford City Council is reminding residents the clock is ticking for those who have not registered to vote.

And the council is encouraging those who have already registered to consider applying for a postal vote to ensure they make their mark even if they’d prefer to stay at home.

People have until midnight on Monday 19 April to register to vote - and until Tuesday 20 April to apply for a postal vote.

Returning Officer Tom Stannard said: “The polls will open at 7am on Thursday 6 May and it is important that local people have their say. I’d encourage all our residents to make sure they are registered to vote. Five minutes and your national insurance number is all it takes to register. If you’ve just turned 18, are new to Salford or recently moved to a new home, you’ll need to make sure you’re registered to vote in the May elections.

“We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure the election runs as safely and smoothly as possible during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The safety of members of the public and employees is of the upmost priority so it’s important for residents to remember to wear face coverings to help keep people safe. Our polling stations will have a range of safety measures in place, but if you would prefer to stay at home please consider registering for a postal vote, so that you can still have your say.

"This year in Salford we have an ‘all out election’. This means that all 60 council ward seats are up for election. Residents also get to choose who they want to be Salford City Mayor and who they want to be The Greater Manchester Mayor. All Salford residents will receive a mayoral booklet with a full list of candidates for Salford City Mayor and their election address.”

People can register to vote and sign up for postal voting.

The polls close at 10pm on Thursday 6 May.

The count for Salford local councillors will begin at 11am on Friday 7 May.

The count for the Salford City Mayor and Greater Manchester Mayor will begin at 11am on Saturday 8 May.

More information about the forthcoming elections, one of the biggest in Salford for years, including voter guidance with videos explaining the different ballot papers, what to expect at a polling station and how to complete a postal vote.

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Date published
Tuesday 6 April 2021

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