Worsley roundabout reminder

Drivers using Worsley roundabout have been given an urgent safety warning by Salford City Council.

New, part-time temporary traffic lights have been installed on Worsley Brow but give way road markings have not changed.

That means drivers moving forward when the lights turn green must still pause at the give way line and only enter the roundabout when they are certain it is safe to do so.

Worsley lights and roundabout

Councillor Mike McCusker, lead member for planning, transport and sustainable development, said the council was speaking out after concerns were raised locally about drivers misinterpreting the lights.

He said: “These lights should not be interpreted as giving drivers any right of way. They must continue to observe all the road markings which have not changed on the roundabouts.

“The lights have been placed ahead of the give way line where there are also give way signs. When the lights turn green that’s the signal for paused traffic to move forward to the give way line and check if it’s clear to pull out before doing so. It’s just the same as when you get the green light to join a motorway…. you move forward and check it is safe before joining the moving traffic.

“The road markings are correct and legal but, as these lights are part of a six month trial, we will add extra road markings to make it as clear as we can that there is a give way requirement in place.”

The lights, which are monitored by cameras and sensors in the road, do not run during the morning rush hour but activate as traffic begins to build up on Worsley Road and Barton Road during the afternoon. They are designed to pause traffic coming from Boothstown and Walkden to give traffic on Worsley Road and Barton Road a fair and equal chance to get safely onto the roundabout.

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Date published
Friday 3 March 2023

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