Shaping Our City

There are major changes taking place in public services across the country - and Salford is no different. We have been exploring new, creative and ambitious ideas for how we provide services, support our communities and work better with our partners across Salford. 

‘Shaping Our City’ is the name for this new approach which is about making services  quicker, easier and better experiences for customers, as well as working more efficiently. It involves saving money, using technology and responding to increasing customer expectations. Our values of people, pride, passion and personal responsibility are at the heart of our approach alongside our aim to be ‘the best we can be. 

Shaping our city involves partners, employees and local residents all playing an active part in planning for the future of Salford. We have been listening to and liaising with people across the city to develop new ways of working.

We are looking at improving all aspects of customer contact with the council whether that’s face to face or digital. Salford is aiming to become a digital city and our Digital You programme aims to ensure that all residents can develop basic digital skills and confidence online.

Transforming services contribute to the council’s great eight priorities and vision to create a better and fairer Salford and provide the best possibly quality of life for the people of the city. 

To see what’s changing in your city, follow us on Twitter @salfordcouncil. You can also follow some of our innovative leaders:

Our principles:              

  • Partnership working - we are involving key public, private and third sector partners from across the city.
  • Creative and innovative – we are open to trying new ideas to find out what works and achieves results.
  • Better by digital – we are improving our technology and systems so that digital can be the first choice for local people and employees.
  • Customer focused - we're working with both employees and local people to develop new ideas and approaches.
  • Community assets - we're helping people to be more self-reliant, by developing and using the knowledge, ideas and resources that already exist in families and communities.
  • Early intervention and prevention - we're focusing on helping local people avoid situations which reach crisis point.
  • Using data – we are sharing information wherever possible to help us develop the most effective solutions.
  • People, behaviour and skills - we are creating an environment where you can develop and learn. 

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