Benefit forms

This page lists the various benefits forms that are available to complete online or that can be downloaded.

Online benefit forms

Make a claim for housing benefit or Council Tax Reduction

Complete this form to make a new online claim.

Request a reconsideration of an incomplete benefit claim

Complete this form if an earlier claim you submitted has not been processed, because information we had requested was not supplied at the correct time, and you would like your case to be looked at again

Appeal a benefit award

Complete this form if you would like to appeal a housing benefit award made to you.

Additional bedroom for a disabled adult

Complete this form if you are unable to share a bedroom with your partner due to a physical disability.

Additional bedroom for a disabled child

Complete this form if your child is unable to share a bedroom with another child or a  non-resident carer is required overnight to help care for your child.

Backdate application

Complete this form if you would like to make a backdated housing benefit claim, council tax reduction cannot be backdated.

Benefit on two homes

Complete this form where there is overlapping liability to pay rent on two properties. 

Benefits contact form for landlords and agents

Complete this form if you are a landlord or letting agent.

Change of circumstances

Complete this form if there have been any changes to your circumstances, such as changes to other benefits that you or your partner receive.

Change your address on your benefit claim

Complete this form to tell us about a change of address.

Landlord consent

Complete this form to allow us to share some of your information with your landlord, sharing your information could help us deal with your claim more quickly.

Non resident carer request for an additional bedroom

Complete this form to request an additional bedroom for a carer, who stays overnight regularly to provide you and/or your partner with care.

When completing the form you will need to know the name, address and email address of your carer.

Temporary absence from your home

Complete this form if you will be living in another home for a period of time

Scan Zone

Scan Zone

After you submitted one of our forms we may contact you to supply further supporting evidence. You can do so by visiting one of our Scan Zones. Scan Zones are located in all the Gateways and Broughton Hub, they are touch screen, tablet devices that allow customers to self-scan documents.

Read more about Scan Zones 

Who to contact

Remember you can contact us quicker, easier, better online.

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This page was last updated on 1 July 2022

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