Recycling sites

If you spot a recycling bin that is overflowing and needs emptying please let us know using our online reporting form. Please report any instances of vandalism or damage.


Recycling sites in Boothstown
Location Type of waste
Standfield Shopping Precinct Glass bottles and jars, textiles and shoes


Recycling sites in Clifton
Location Type of waste
Lumns Lane Household Waste and Recycling Centre See our rubbish tips page


Recycling sites in Irlam
Location Type of waste
Boysnope Wharf, Liverpool Road See our rubbish tips page
Tesco, Fairhills Road Cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, textiles, shoes and cans

Little Hulton

The nearest site is Salford Road, Over Hulton.


Recycling sites in Pendleton
Location Type of waste
Cobden Street Household Waste and Recycling Centre See our rubbish tips page
Tesco Extra Clothes, shoes


Recycling sites in Swinton
Location Type of waste
Civic Centre, Chorley Road (behind Unity House) Cardboard, paper, cartons (eg tetra pak), glass, cans, foil, plastic bottles, aerosols, shoes and textiles 
Morrisons, Swinton Hall Road Glass bottles and jars, textiles and shoes


Recycling sites in Walkden
Location Type of waste
Tesco, Ellesmere Shopping Centre Textiles and shoes

To report any other problems please see our report it page.

This page was last updated on 2 September 2019

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