Online support and resources for parents

The following courses can be accessed via a referral to the Early Help Service. One of our workers will explore your needs and link you with the most appropriate course.

Please complete this Early Help online referral form, clearly indicating which course you are interested in. For example, "I would like to complete the Me, You and Baby Too course".

You can complete this form for yourself or someone else can complete it on your behalf (for example, you may be already working with a service who can help you complete the form).

Early Help online enquiry form (currently unavailable)

This referral goes through to our Early Help Team and someone will then contact you to discuss your needs further.

Alternatively, please contact one of our family hubs for help accessing the course.


Me, You and Baby Too

Becoming parents can change your relationship. Tiredness and stress associated with parenthood can lead to you and your partner misunderstanding each other. This online course, available for free to parents in Salford can help you improve communication skills and manage conflict better.

Me, You and Baby Too is packed with videos and animations to help couples navigate the transition to parenthood.

Me, You and Baby Too - an online course for new and expecting parents

Arguing Better

Knowing how to argue in a constructive way can make all the difference to your relationships. Learn more with this online course currently available at no cost to residents in Salford.

Arguing better - an online course to help parents manage conflict constructively and reduce the impact it has on children

Getting it Right for Children

When parents separate, it’s easy for children to get caught in the middle of their disagreements. Getting it Right for Children is a free online course for parents in Salford, designed to help them parent co-operatively after parting.

Getting it right for children - an online course for separating parents to minimise the impact of separation on children

Online resources

See it Differently

Powerful videos highlight the damaging impact parental conflict can have on children. Take a look to learn how you can do things differently by accessing this online resource on the See It Differently website.   

See it differently - you don't see your arguments. Your children do. Learn how to reduce harmful conflict.

This page was last updated on 9 December 2022

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