Top tips for talking

Starting Life Well service has developed top tips for talking to help you develop your child's speech, language and communication skills take a look at our top tips below:

Get face to face with your child

  • You feel like you are playing together
  • You can see what your child is interested in
  • They can see you are enjoying your play
  • You can both hear each other better

Follow your child's lead

  • It can reduce frustration and your child will play with you for longer
  • It gives them confidence to try things
  • Your child is more likely to learn if he/she is interested
  • It shows you are interested

Comments not questions

  • Unlike questions, commenting doesn't put your child under pressure to talk
  • You give your child language as they are experiencing it
  • It shows you are interested

Keep language simple

  • You make it easier for your child to understand
  • They can hear the sounds in words clearly
  • You're not bombarding them with too many words

Repeat, repeat, repeat

  • Practice makes perfect
  • The more a child hears a word, the more likely they are to understand it, then use it

It's good to wait

  • You give your child time to talk and to express their interests and feelings
  • Your child has your undivided attention
  • You don't take over and control the conversation
  • You take into consideration the feelings, needs and curiosity of your child
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