Paul Dennett talks about building council housing again in Salford

Our priorities, the Great Eight

The council has a vision is to create 'A fairer, greener and healthier Salford'.

To help us achieve this vision we have identified some key priorities to tackle the problems people in Salford are currently facing, the Great Eight.

  1. Tackling poverty and inequality:
  • Ensuring poverty prevention and reduction is at the heart of everything we do in the city
  • Support people currently experiencing poverty through continuation of personalised care to the most vulnerable residents
  • Work to reduce inequalities wherever they exist
  1. Tackling health inequalities and providing the best possible care:
  • Work to become a Marmot City
  • Ensuring access to mental health care and support
  • Ensuring children and young people are safe and have the best possible start in life
  • Strengthening our unified model of health and care, including a valued care workforce
  1. Affordable housing and reducing homelessness:
  • Continue efforts to reduce homelessness and rough sleeping
  • Strengthen our commitment to provide decent and affordable social housing including through the council’s own ethical housing company Dérive
  1. Promoting transport and digital connectivity:
  • Support the development the cycling and walking network across the city
  • Lobby for further investment in a connected public transport system, including extension of the GM Metro-link and GM bus franchising
  • Invest in our digital infrastructure and skills to ensure no resident or business in the city is digitally excluded
  1. Skills and education (A Learning City):
  • Develop skills pipelines and a connected education system to link people to new job opportunities in productive growth sectors in the city
  • Supporting young people to continue with their education in high quality and safe settings
  • Support the transition of young people and recently unemployed into decent and sustainable jobs, focusing on growth sectors in the Salford and GM economy
  • Support business development and innovation for the creation of new jobs and employment opportunities
  1. Creating an economy for all:
  • Maintain confidence to invest and develop in the city, focussed on our strategic opportunities and sectors and provide foundations for inclusive economic growth
  • Maximise the social value and impact from our role as an anchor institution, including by prioritising local suppliers and local supply chains wherever possible, and committing to a strengthened Salford Social Value Alliance and 10% Better Campaign
  • Supporting the development of alternative economic models and community wealth building to support residents to benefit from the local economy
  • Lobby for a fair funding settlement for Salford to guarantee effective public services
  1. Tackling the climate emergency:
  • Secure investment and development in green spaces and green infrastructure across the city, including electric vehicle charging points, affordable energy
  • Encourage active travel and improvements in air quality
  • Invest in green skills and green economic sectors to strengthen the city’s future economic resilience
  1. Creating vibrant places and spaces:
  • Deliver commitments within the city’s new Culture Strategy, including creation of a Salford Heritage Commission to support the city’s vibrant cultural assets
  • Ensure local access to, and benefit from, the city’s world class cultural assets such as the Lowry and RHS Bridgewater
  • Build on the city’s strong voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to build resilient community support and ensure Salford is a supportive and safe place
  • Create and support vibrant neighbourhood centres at the heart of their local community


This page was last updated on 18 June 2024

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