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Help us to help you. You can make your life easier, save paper and save us money by receiving your council tax bill electronically.

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About e-billing

E-billing, also known as paperless billing, is faster and more efficient. It keeps our print and postage costs down so we can spend our limited funds in more effective ways to help residents.

Registering for e-billing means you can stop receiving a paper bill by post and start receiving your bill by email. You can easily find and store your bill and still have the option to print it or forward a copy to someone if you need to.

If you have registered for a Salford customer account, you will also be able to view this bill within the 'Your documents' section.

How it works

  • If you register for paperless e-billing all future bills and correspondence will be sent to the email address you provide when you register.
  • Each person named on the bill can elect to get their copy of the bill by e-billing. All persons that want to get an e-bill must register and provide their email address separately. Each person that signs up will then get the same copy of future bills sent to them individually as a PDF in an email.
  • If any of the persons named on the bill don’t sign up to e-billing, they will get sent their copy of the bill, with their name only on it, on paper by post. Any person that has signed up to e-billing for the same household will get an emailed copy of the same bill as the person who is sent a paper copy but in their name only.

Whilst you’re here don’t forget to sign up for Direct Debit too. It’s the quickest, safest and easiest way to pay your council tax and as it’s automated, you don't have to worry about paying your council tax each month.

Direct Debit - sign up today

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