Day services

Modern day services are like community centres, with a wide range of activities and support in the building and local area.

Day services support people to set up groups and activities in their local communities rather than having to travel to centres.

The individuals in each group have more choice and control about what they do - for example people with learning difficulties with an interest in health and fitness have set up a group which uses Clarendon Leisure Centre's accessible gym equipment.

How to use a day service?

Most day services provide support for people who Adult Social Care have assessed as needing care and support.

Some day services accept 'social members' and you can contact these directly. There are also community cafes and some church centres which also offer day services.

Do day services cost?

You will usually have to pay something towards the cost of any service that you use. If Adult Social Care has assessed that you need care and support in the community, you can read paying for care and support in the community.


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