The Dementia Champions Group have produced a guide to dementia - what happens at each step of the way. You can download it from the bottom of this page.

Do you have early to moderate dementia and would like to support the shaping of health and social care services in Salford? The Dementia Champions Group is recruiting new members, and welcome their carers along with them. Find out more at the bottom of this page.

You may find Alzheimer's Society online groups helpful.

Salford Dementia Roadmap contains support and information about dementia.

Support groups

Salford Age UK offers a dementia support service.

Carers (family and friends) can get in contact with Salford Carers Centre.

Practical help

You will get lots of advice and suggestions from other people in the support groups. 

The Alzheimer's Society fact sheets cover all aspects of dementia including many practical things that you may need to think about - driving, financial planning, keeping active for example.

As the condition progresses, you may become eligible for care and support - help with everyday tasks. If a loved one is caring for you, they may also be able to get some support. You can ask Adult Social Care for an assessment.

Planning for the future

It is important to make plans while you are still able. You can decide what you would like to happen in the future, who you want to look after your affairs and who you want to look after your finances, when you are no longer able to.

Manchester University's Legal Advice Centre runs a dementia law clinic which can help you with planning.

Making Salford more dementia-friendly

Businesses, organisations and individuals can become a dementia friend and help to make Salford more dementia friendly.

Register your interest in becoming part of Salford's dementia action alliance.

Adult social care is now provided by Northern Care Alliance

Downloadable documents

If you are unable to view documents of these types, our downloads page provides links to viewing software.

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