Help with school for young carers

"Schools don't understand what it is like to be a young carer, and what all the added responsibilities mean. Why don't they ask us? Sometimes talking can help them understand."
Salford young carer aged 11

"I don't like to leave my mum alone in the house... I don't know what I'll go back to."
Salford young carer aged 13

Education is a major issue for young carers and although some manage their caring responsibilities and their education, many face all or some of the following issues in school and college:

  • often late because of caring issues
  • poor school attendance due to responsibilities
  • no time to do detentions
  • when in school always worried about the person they care for
  • when in school they are tired and unable to concentrate
  • no time to do homework
  • unable to take part in after school clubs/activities
  • miss so much school they fail to get qualifications
  • unable to go on to further education
  • bullied both physically and phsycologically
  • no trust in teachers. Scared of responses if they talk

Salford young carers education project is working with teachers and other professionals to ensure that young carers also have dreams, ambitions and access to appropriate education.

Help for young carers

If you're a young carer, you can contact the young carers workers. We'll:

  • make space for a chat
  • assess (find out about) your caring responsibilities to see if there is anything else we can help with
  • advise and support you on school issues
  • put you in contact with groups/project work/activities away from school
  • support you away from school

We will only talk to the school about you if you agree we can or if you are in danger.

Help for schools

  • Group and individual support to young carers on your school's role
  • Help developing a school policy statement on young carers
  • Awareness session for all pupils
  • Awareness sessions for all school employees
  • Regular drop-in sessions within school for known young carers and new referrals
  • Support and consultation on young carer issues

Who to contact

  • Salford Carers Centre: 0161 834 6069
  • Young carers mobile: 0779 983 1711
  • School liaison mobile: 0752 794 5977
  • Email:
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