Carer alert unit

Telecare are small pieces of electronic equipment which can automatically tell if you have a problem and raise an alarm.

Sensors alert either Care on Call (mobile warden service) or a carer who is near-by. It tells them you may need help.

All you need is a standard telephone socket with an electrical socket nearby.

How does it work?

When a sensor goes off, the alert unit makes a loud noise and flashes, so that your carer can quickly identify the problem. If it is linked to Care on Call, they are automatically notified and will speak to you through the alert unit. 

Care on Call will check to see if you need help. If they cannot get a response from you they will follow your wishes and either:

  • Visit you at home
  • Contact a friend, neighbour or relative to visit you
  • Contact the emergency services.

What can the sensors detect?

Depending on the situation, there is probably some telecare for it:

  • Flooding sensors, if a tap has been left on
  • Bed and door sensors, if you wander outside at night

There are GPS trackers which can let your family know that you are safe even if you wander and automatic pill dispensers which help you take the right tablets at the right time.

Adult social care is now provided by Northern Care Alliance

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