Financial advice

If you are unsure about financial information or advice, or the questions that you might want to ask, the government funded Money Advice Service offers free, impartial advice.

The Money Helper Service - free and impartial money advice.

Adviceguide, the CAB self-help website.

Professional financial advisers - some sources of information

Below are some links to lists of financial advisors. There may be other lists available.

Independent financial advisers (IFA) are not connected to any organisation and can advise you about all the different financial products available.

  • The Personal Finance Society includes both IFAs and financial advisers who may be tied to a particular organisation or only be able to advise you about certain products.
  • Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) aims to assist consumers and their families in finding trusted accredited financial advisers who understand financial needs in later life.

All financial advisers should tell you how much they will charge and what they can advise you on.

What is independent financial advice?

All financial advisers should be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and you can check the Financial Services Register.

Some financial advisers can only advise on certain types of product, or only recommend certain companies. They may be cheaper to use because they make their money from commission from the companies they recommend.

Independent financial advisers may cost more because they are not tied to particular companies. They can advise you about a wider range of products and companies.

When to contact a financial adviser?

Most people will have to pay something towards the cost of any social care and support they need. If you have assets (property, shares, savings, etc) or substantial income, you are likely to have to pay most or all the costs.

Decisions about care and support often have to be taken when there is a crisis and if you haven't planned for the costs, this can make the situation more difficult.

Seeking financial advice about care and support well before you need it, can help you make the right choices for you.


Salford City Council has supplied details of some organisations that provide independent financial information and advice for your information only and in good faith. The information is not exhaustive and there are other financial advisers available who can provide you with independent financial advice and information.

The council has not vetted any of the financial advisers or organisations referred to in this information and their inclusion in the information does not imply any form of endorsement, recommendation, recognition or guarantee of the said organisation or financial advisers or any service they may provide.

The council will not be liable for any damages or losses, howsoever caused or suffered by any person in connection with any information and/or advice provided by any external organisation, financial adviser or provider of services.

Adult social care is now provided by Northern Care Alliance

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