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Salford Home Search

Salford Home Search is a way of letting properties in Salford. This scheme gives you more choice when looking for your new home in Salford. It allows you to search for and choose properties that are suited to your needs.

How does it work?

  • You register your details on the Salford Home Search website 
  • You will be placed in a 'band' based on your housing need and circumstances
  • You can place an 'expression of interest' on any property that is advertised in your band
  • If more than one person places an 'expression of interest' on a property, everyone who applies will be sorted by their bedroom needs, band, number of needs and the length of time they have been registered

What is an 'expression of interest'?

An expression of interest is a way of registering your interest in one of the properties advertised by Salford Home Search.

Who advertises properties through Salford Home Search?

The following organisations can advertise their available properties through Salford Home Search:

  • City West Housing Trust
  • Salix Homes
  • Housing associations
  • Sheltered housing organisations
  • Accredited private landlords

Who is eligible?

To register with Salford Home Search you will need to be:

  • Over the age of 16
  • Living in the United Kingdom and not be under immigration control

Want to live outside of Salford?

If you want to look at moving to an area outside of Salford then the Pinpoint website is a great place to look.

Pinpoint is a partnership between local authorities and a number of housing associations.

It will give more choice across the region when you are selecting a home and offers you a greater opportunity in deciding where you want to live.

You will only need to register with a housing association and this will mean you can also bid for properties on Pinpoint. Pinpoint does not stop you from bidding on properties on Salford Home Search, it just gives you more choice.

You can get more information by accessing the Pinpoint website or speak to a housing options advisor at Salford Housing Options Point.

This page was last updated on 1 April 2016

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