Eligibility for a disabled facilities grant

Homeowners, housing association tenants and private tenants can all apply for assistance to make a property suitable for a person with disabilities.

Please note that we will only consider applications when an occupational therapist has recommended the work.

What types of works qualify for assistance?

We will aim to provide an effective long-term solution, taking into account your individual circumstances. In some instances, it may not be possible to make an adaptation to your existing home, for reasons such as property layout. With your agreement, we may decide to look at alternative solutions, such as contributing to the costs of a move.

In considering the occupational therapist's recommendations, we will decide what works are necessary, appropriate, reasonable and practicable. The following are examples of types of work, which are eligible for a Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant:

  • Adaptations to aid access to a property
  • Providing appropriate bathroom and sleeping facilities
  • Making lighting and power useable, such as repositioning light switches
  • Appropriate adaptations to enable a person with disabilities to live independently or be cared for in their own home.

If there are a number of suitable options that would meet your needs, we will provide a grant based on the most cost-effective option.

How much assistance is available?

The maximum mandatory grant limit is currently set at £30,000. All applications will involve a 'means test' of the person with disabilities and their partner if applicable. This will determine how much you will be required to contribute towards the cost of the works. The means test is a government set formula and we can not change it. It takes into account your financial circumstances, such as benefits, pension, savings and work income.

There will be the opportunity to access loans to help cover the cost of works in excess of £30,000 for individuals. This can either be a repayment loan or an equity loan placed as a charge against the property.

An officer will be made available to guide you through the options that are available to you

How can I get more information?

If you are enquiring about a Disabled Facilities Grant you should arrange for an occupational therapist to visit. Call 0161 206 0604 to find out more.

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