How to report faulty traffic lights

All permanent traffic signals within Greater Manchester are looked after by the Greater Manchester Urban Traffic Control Unit.

Most traffic signals are monitored automatically. However, sometimes they may fail or malfunction for a variety of reasons and the fault may not be apparent to the traffic control unit and consequently the fault may not be attended to promptly.

Make a report about permanent traffic lights

Greater Manchester Urban Traffic Control Unit have amended their fault reporting procedures with regard to traffic signal maintenance. You can now make an online report to Greater Manchester Urban Traffic Control Unit.

If the problem is dangerous or urgent (such as all signals out of order), please call the control centre on 0161 244 1511.

Temporary traffic signals

Under the street works regulations there should always be a sign on site with the contact number of the relevant utility to report an issue, 24 hours a day.

If there are no contact details on site please email

Who to contact

Urban Traffic Control
Transport for Greater Manchester
2 Piccadilly Place
M1 3BG
Map to this location
0161 244 1511
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