Road safety for schools

Traffic collisions are the largest single cause of death and injury to children.

Reducing the number of collisions on the road involves changing attitudes through a planned and structured programme for children and adults. Road awareness needs to be developed from an early age and continued throughout life.

The Road Safety team offers a service to nurseries and schools in Salford which includes;

  • Road Safety projects and lessons tailored to the National Curriculum
  • Educational resources for loan
  • Guidance on school road safety policies


The Road Safety Unit has a wide variety of materials for all age ranges to assist with the teaching of road safety education, including videos, resource packs, model pelican crossings and even mini-lollipop person outfits for loan!

We are always pleased to respond to requests for resources from teachers on all issues relating to road safety.

The team takes part in Salford's 'Crucial Crew' exercise. Pedestrian training and cycle training courses are available on request.


Safe and Sound

Target age: primary and secondary school age

An interactive, animated CD-ROM and accompanying website, Resource includes games, quizzes and a whole host of safety tips and quotes. The road safety messages are subtly disguised in the funky animation and young 'street' language, and the characters get the message across in an entertaining and easily digestible way. Comes with a supplementary pack, containing comprehensive lesson plans for each of the four episodes, together with worksheets, fact sheets and printable materials.

Primary schools

In primary schools, the Road Safety Unit can offer:

  • Lesson plans for teachers
  • Road safety talks
  • Cycle Training
  • Pedestrian skills training
  • Assistance with primary/secondary transition
  • Development of Safer Routes to School
  • Help with Walking Buses
  • Crucial Crew

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Road safety

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