Volunteering opportunities at Blackleach

Conservation volunteers

A regular group of volunteers meet every Tuesday to carry out conservation work at the country park. Projects they have worked on in the past have included tree planting, woodland management, wildflower seed collection, reservoir defence and many more. Volunteering at the country park is a good way to meet new people, get active and help your local environment all in one go.

If you would like to get involved in either the Friends of Blackleach or the Blackleach conservation volunteers, please contact the ranger on 0161 790 7746 or use the contact form below.

The Friends of Blackleach

The Friends of Blackleach are the local voluntary group who together with the Salford Ranger Team help to manage and maintain the country park.

This group meets on a regular basis and discuss future projects and management of the site. The group is also involved in fundraising and have been successful in gaining a grant to create an orchard at the country park.

If you would like to know more about the friends group, please contact the secretary, Phil Hagerty, on 0161 790 7746.

Who to contact

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