Timeline of key events

Buile Hill Park has had a long and varied life. This timeline charts the major events.

1590: Plague victims buried in pit in Hart Hill meadow.

1825: Buile Hill mansion and estate built.

Seedley Park, Pendleton1876: The official opening of Seedley Park on 17 June.

1903: Buile Hill Park officially opened on 22 July.

1906: Buile Hill mansion opened as a Natural History museum.

1909: Two tennis courts built.

1916: Anti-aircraft gun fixed in Buile Hill Park.

Conservatory in Buile Hill Park1928: Buile Hill conservatory is opened.

1934: An 18 hole pitch and putt course is opened.

1938: The new cafe and the Hart Hill extension are officially opened. The addition of the neighbouring Hart Hill estate created the boundary of the park as it is known today.

1939: The park's office becomes the headquarters of C Flight of the RAF Balloon Barrage.

1940: A bomb is dropped on Buile Hill.

Bandstand in Buile Hill Park1941: Salford blitz.

1943: Iron fencing along Eccles Old Road boundary removed for manufacture of bullets.

1945: VE Day celebrations take place in Buile Hill. Seedley Park lake is filled in.

1948: Reinstatement of Buile Hill conservatory.

1963: A garden for the blind is officially opened.

Flowers in Buile Hill Park1972: Pets corner is opened.

1975: Natural History Museum replaced by Salford Museum of Mining.

1980: Buile Hill mansion listed as a Grade 2 listed building.

2000: Lancashire Mining Museum closes.

2001: Buile Hill Park listed as a Grade 2 designated park.

Buile Hill Mansion House2008: Planning consent for conversion of mansion development and former stables into 93 bedroom hotel, function rooms and leisure suite.

2013: An archaeological excavation carried out by the Dig Greater Manchester project reveals the location of the former Hart Hill Mansion. Evidence of earlier buildings possibly dating back to the 18th century farmhouse are also found.

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