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An aerial view of the formal bedding in Peel Park during the summer

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About the project

Virtual Peel Park is an innovative project which sees Peel Park, Salford transformed into a publicly accessible digital tool. With information on transport links, accessibility, biodiversity and cultural heritage, Virtual Peel Park aims to make the park more accessible and welcoming to all.

The Virtual Peel Park project has been initiated and led by Dr Simon Hutchinson from the University of Salford School of Science, Engineering and Environment. It was created in collaboration with Salford Ranger Team and the University of Salford Sustainability Office, as well as Salford students, staff and local residents.

To date, three co-creation sessions have taken place at the University of Salford’s Peel Park campus (including two AQA-certified courses), where participants from the university and beyond contributed to the creation of Virtual Peel Park while learning to use the Thinglink platform, as well as Go Pros action cameras which take 360-degree photos, smartphones and mini drones.

Earlier this year, Virtual Peel Park was nominated as finalist in the prestigious Green Gown Awards which recognise the exceptional sustainability initiatives undertaken by universities and colleges across the world. Winners to be announced in November 2023.

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