Community cohesion events

The community cohesion strategy includes a pledge to 'Develop and coordinate a programme of events that celebrate cultures and faiths in Salford, building on current good practice at neighbourhood level.'

One of the best ways of achieving our ambitions is through successful events. A successful event can not only raise the profile of a particular community, it can demonstrate that they are valued and welcomed. It can also act as a great way of bringing communities together, to learn more about each other, begin dialogue, help to break down barriers and challenge misconceptions.

Over the last twelve months, the council has been involved in a significant number of important events. This has included Holocaust Memorial Day, Refugee Week, Pride, Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month and Black History Month. This work has not taken place in isolation and we work in close partnership with other organisations in the city. We also support local neighbourhood events which help build a more cohesive city.

The equalities and cohesion team at Salford City Council is committed to developing a successful programme of events which will involve a diverse range of communities.

Community cohesion

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