COVID-19 is still about, and if you’re older, have an underlying health condition or you’re pregnant, it’s more likely to make you seriously ill. Even milder symptoms can make you feel unwell, and mean missing out on work, education, or social plans.

Changes to autumn and seasonal COVID-19 vaccine booster program


After 12 February 2023, you will not be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose.


Some people at increased risk, for example, because of age or certain medical conditions, may be offered a seasonal booster later this year. If you are eligible for this, the NHS will contact you when it’s your turn to get vaccinated.

More information about who can have the vaccine, types of vaccines available, and how the vaccine works can be found on the NHS vaccination page.

The risk of catching COVID-19 is highest indoors and in crowded places so please continue to show the Spirit of Salford and help stop the spread by:

  • getting vaccinated against COVID-19 – book your vaccination appointment
  • meeting people outside if possible
  • opening doors and windows to let in fresh air if meeting people inside
  • limiting the number of people you meet and avoid crowded places
  • wearing a face covering when it's hard to stay away from other people – particularly indoors or in crowded places
  • washing your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day

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Need extra help?

Our Spirit of Salford Helpline is still available for you to get help, support, and advice on lots of different issues that you might be facing, including COVID-19.

Spirit of Salford Helpline

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