Information for traders

The following information is provided to assist current or potential market traders.

If you require any additional advice please contact the markets officer Kevin Rutter on or 0161 793 3868 or by emailing

Market hours

  • The days and the hours of trading at the markets are notified to traders and all traders must open for business during the stipulated hours
  • Trading shall not take place before or after these times and stalls on the market shall be vacated within one hour of the official closing time.

Trading conditions

  • All traders must comply with the market regulations; copies are available from the markets office
  • Traders who have an allocated 'regular' trading position must claim that position no later than 9.00am. Failure to attend by that time will result in the stall being re-let for the day.

Stallage/market charges

  • Charges are payable on demand on each market day
  • The onus to pay the charges due rests with the trader
  • Traders shall use only the stall provided. The placing of articles outside the stall is prohibited unless duly authorised by the market superintendent. There will be an appropriate charge for the use of additional space
  • Cheques will only be accepted on production of a valid banker's card.

Trader registration - 'casual traders'

  • Registration - all casual traders attending a market must report to the markets office and complete a registration form. The details on this form may be shared with other authorised bodies for the prevention of fraud such as police, Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise etc
  • Public liability insurance - the trader must provide proof of holding current Public Liability Insurance before he or she will be permitted to have a licensed stall
  • 'Casual' allocation - on completion of a registration form, the market superintendent will allocate a stall for that day only. The trader will only be permitted to sell commodities as described on the registration form or as directed by the market superintendent
  • Once a trader has been allocated a casual stall for a period of three weeks then a regular stall will be offered - subject to availability.


  • Traders who are able to provide their own stall equipment which meets the standards of safety and appearance required by the council, may be allowed to erect and trade from such equipment on a pitch, when appropriate space is available.

Refuse disposal

  • All traders are responsible for maintaining, free from refuse and in a clean condition, the stall fittings and area immediately adjacent and underneath the stall.

Conduct of traders

  • Traders and all other attending the markets are expected to observe, respect and carry out the reasonable instructions and directions of the markets officers
  • No traders shall engage in 'pitching' i.e. calling out their wares or demonstrating their goods except in places within the market area which may be designated by the Markets Officer.


  • Any other information that you may require is available by contacting the markets office as noted above.

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