Ward profiles

The ward profiles provide an overview of the key demographic social, environmental and economic trends affecting the area and the demand for and take-up of public services.

The area profiles are intended for use by councillors, service planners, area managers and anyone who has an interest in public service provision in Salford.

These profiles reflect the new ward boundaries. Find out more about the electoral review of ward boundaries. Published data is not yet available for the new wards, and so much of the data is a best approximation.

How to use the profiles

Select the ward from the left-hand side of each page. For each ward you can see the following information and data:

  • Introduction, an overview of the ward
  • Summary, some key indicators
  • Population data
  • Inequality data, such as life expectancy
  • Crime data
  • Economic data, such as employment rates
  • Housing data, such as house prices
  • Environmental data, including climate change data
  • Health data, such as hospital admissions 
  • Education and skills data
  • Accessibility data, including details about public transport and travel times
  • Sources and links

You can load each of the data sets by using the tabs at the bottom of the page. The selected ward will remain the same as you move between pages, unless you use the selector to change it.

This page was last updated on 16 March 2021

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