Salford Birth Centre

The Salford Birth Centre offers a widened quality birthing choice to local women. The aim is to provide maternity services which are safe, personalised, kind, professional and family friendly.

The centre provides a local facility for women who want a midwife-led birth. It is also a community resource with a range of other services for families.


The site of the centre, currently known as Ingleside, is an important piece of Salford’s heritage. The building sits in the beautiful, calming backdrop of Oakwood Park. It is a fantastic setting for a birth centre, it features a full range of birthing suites with pools, modern equipment and family rooms on site.

The centre is also a community space for services such as antenatal and postnatal groups, breastfeeding support and perinatal mental health support.

Find out more on the Ingleside Birth and Community Centre Facebook page.

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