Specialist conservation advice

Salford City Council is unable to provide detailed technical advice on heritage matters. If you own or are considering buying a listed building and want to undertake alterations or repairs, you will need to seek your own advice on any detailed conservation matters from a conservation professional.

For help with finding a conservation professional with the skills and experience you require please visit Historic England's page.

You may also find the 2013 directory of building conservation, and the Royal Institute of British Architects conservation register useful for finding a particular building specialist.

Advice on many aspects of building conservation is available from a number of specialist organisations and interest groups, with the main ones set out below:

  1. Historic England publishes a wealth of free resources on a variety of different conservation issues.
  2. Historic Environment Scotland publishes many different resources on a number of issues. Some of the guidance will be specific to Scotland, however many publications such as those on different building materials will be applicable to Salford.
  3. The Institute of Historic Building Conservation publishes several free publications including one on maintaining your property and one on valuing historic places. 
  4. The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings(SPAB) offers a free building conservation advice service. SPAB also provides a number of useful publications including a question and answer series on technical matters relating to historic buildings, and a change of use checklist.
  5. The Georgian Group publishes a series of advisory leaflets for building owners on specific building features, however there is a small charge for these.
  6. The Victorian Society publishes a range of information leaflets on the care of Victorian houses, however there is a small charge for these.

General conservation advice

Although detailed advice cannot be provided for individual buildings and development proposals, the links below offer general advice on conservation issues which may be of assistance.

This page was last updated on 31 October 2018

Conservation and listed buildings

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