Design and crime supplementary planning document

The design and crime supplementary planning document (SPD) is used to help assess and determine planning applications and is intended to guide architects, developers, landscape architects and urban designers in designing out crime.

It is important that community safety considerations should be an inherent part of the design process, and should inform development at an early stage. The SPD supports policy DES10 of the city council's unitary fevelopment plan (UDP) and aims to complement Salford's community safety strategy 2011 to 2014 and the police's "secured by design" initiative.

Although this SPD is aimed primarily at new development, it is also of relevance to existing developments and owners and occupiers are encouraged to introduce crime prevention measures where appropriate and practical. The provisions of this SPD will be implemented primarily through the development management process and the determination of planning applications.

The design and crime supplementary planning document (SPD) was adopted by Salford City Council on 19 July 2006.

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