Salford Central planning guidance

Salford Central planning guidance

Salford Central

Salford City Council adopted planning guidance and a development framework for the Salford Central area to guide the comprehensive regeneration of this important area of the city of Salford and the regional centre, to help diversify its economic base and encourage new activity.

The area covered by these documents extends to 50.4 hectares and is focused around Chapel Street and Salford Central Station including the Islington, Adelphi and Middlewood areas. The transformation will create a distinctive part of the city centre, with new high quality commercial and residential properties and leisure uses, dramatic public spaces and new connections to the heart of the city centre.

Salford Central planning guidance

The planning guidance establishes the policies which have shaped key recommendations within the development framework. Salford City Council as local planning authority will use the planning guidance as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications and other development matters in the Salford Central area. The guidance has been prepared as a non statutory planning document, but lies within the planning policy framework established by the adopted development plan. The planning guidance was formally adopted by the city council on 19 March 2008.

Salford Central development framework

The framework is a detailed masterplan and implementation strategy to guide the future development of the area. It is key to ensuring that future development in the area comes forward in a co-ordinated way and creates an attractive and vibrant place that meets the needs of residents and businesses. The framework sets out the network of routes and open spaces, land uses and the physical form of development to be implemented over the next 15 to 20 years. There is sufficient flexibility to allow for future change provided that this does not have a fundamental impact on the vision for the area. The development framework was formally adopted by the city council on 19 May 2009.

Public consultation

Both documents were subject to extensive public consultation before the final versions were adopted. A summary of all representations made during the consultation period on the planning guidance, together with the council's responses, can be downloaded below.

Viewing the documents

The planning guidance, development framework and supporting documents can be downloaded below.

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