Salford greenspace strategy supplementary planning document

Greenspace Strategy Monitoring Supplementary Planning Document

Adoption of Salford greenspace strategy 2019

The council has adopted a revised Salford greenspace strategy supplementary planning document (SPD) that is linked to a supporting document.  

Salford City Council recognises the importance of open space to the quality of life and health of local people. Officers have prepared a revised strategy for the city that seeks to ensure that everyone has good access to high quality greenspaces of all types. The document was subject to extensive public consultation before the final version was adopted.

The Salford greenspace strategy supplementary planning document (SPD) provides a comprehensive spatial strategy for the protection and enhancement of green space resource throughout the city. It, among other things, sets out existing and proposed local standards for the provision of green space in the city and a supporting document expands on how these standards are applicable to specific sites. These documents focus on all types of green space found throughout the urban area and urban fringe. These include sports pitches, formal parks, equipped play facilities, country parks, woodland, allotments and other open land as well as the cycle routes, footpaths, canal towpaths and river walkways that connect these areas.

The two related documents should be considered together:

  • Salford Greenspace Strategy SPD – provides updated policy and guidance to supplement existing policies and local recreation standards in the Salford Unitary Development Plan and introduces three new local recreation standards identified in Salford Revised Draft Local Plan
  • Open Space Chapter of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan – a separate supporting document that identifies sites which contribute towards the local recreation standards and site specific proposals for refurbishments and new facilities (subject to funding being secured)

The greenspace strategy SPD and the supporting documents are available to download through the links at the bottom of this page. If you would like to purchase a printed copy of the greenspace strategy SPD or open space chapter please contact us using the link below. A charge will be made to reflect the cost of printing the document, together with postage and package. 

Interactive map of sites

An interactive map is available to navigate around the city to view two data layers against a base map or recent aerial imagery:

  • The open space sites identified by the latest Greenspace Audit (2017/18)
  • Existing and proposed sites identified in the Open Space chapter. 

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