The Crescent development framework

Crescent development framework

Salford City Council has adopted a development framework for The Crescent area. The purpose of this document is to:

  • provide a vision for the future of this important area
  • set out the potential mix of uses for development sites in the area
  • show how existing regeneration projects are contributing to the transformation of the area

The area covered by the framework extends to just less than 90 hectares and contains the Peel Park and Frederick Road campus of the University of Salford, the southern half of Innovation Park and civic amenities such as Salford Museum and Art Gallery and Peel Park.

The intention of the framework is to create a distinctive new neighbourhood providing high quality leisure business and learning opportunities which will take full advantage of its position in the regional centre and the development of the University of Salford. It aims to increase the residential provision in the area for a range of housing types, provide opportunities for employment, improve links with surrounding area and create new urban spaces. Projects to achieve these objectives such as Irwell City Park are already underway and are described in the framework.

The Crescent Development Framework is a planning guidance document which should be read alongside the adopted development plan for the city of Salford and other planning guidance. In the light of the level of consultation that took place as part of the preparation of the framework, it will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications in the area. It will also guide investment decisions by key agencies and developers.

A summary of all representations made during the consultation period on the planning guidance, together with the council's responses is contained within the consultation statement which can be downloaded below.

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