The Crescent development framework

A new Development Framework for the Crescent area has now been prepared, setting out proposals for future development across the Crescent area.

Salford City Council undertook an initial ‘scoping’ consultation on the draft vision and objectives for the Development Framework over the period 6 July to 3 August 2020. The comments received were reviewed and informed the Draft Development Framework. Public consultation on the Draft Development Framework took place from 20 October until 1 December 2020. The framework was updated (where appropriate) in light of responses received, and the final Crescent Development Framework was approved by the Council on 25 January 2021.  

The Crescent Development Framework 2021 provides a planning framework for the Crescent area that is up-to-date, robust and provides clear direction regarding what can be delivered to ensure it becomes a successful and vibrant new city district. The proposals aim to create an inviting, attractive and unified place which provides a range of quality new homes, generates jobs, improves knowledge and enhances the wider Salford economy. It promotes a radical improvement to public realm and sustainable transport, the celebration and enhancement of the areas wealth of green, blue and heritage assets and aims to establish strong physical connections between the University Campus and surrounding communities, to create a coherent, modern and connected place which benefits existing and new residents, students, workers and visitors.

The Crescent Development Framework should be read alongside the adopted development plan for the city of Salford and other planning guidance. In the light of the level of consultation that took place as part of the preparation of the framework, it will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications in the area. It will also guide future investment decisions by key agencies and developers.

View the Development Framework.

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This page was last updated on 21 May 2021

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