Support available in producing a neighbourhood plan

There are several sources of support and advice available for communities interested in producing a neighbourhood plan:

  • Once the neighbourhood area is approved, Salford City Council is legally required to provide support and advice to those bodies producing a neighbourhood plan in its area. Details of the key areas in which the council will support the neighbourhood forum in producing a neighbourhood plan can be downloaded at the foot of this page and are summarised below:  
    • Providing initial advice on the process, legislation and relevant information to consider in preparing a neighbourhood plan
    • Reviewing the project plan
    • Making existing evidence held by the council available and reviewing any additional evidence that is produced by or on behalf of the neighbourhood forum
    • Producing maps
    • Reviewing the policies in the neighbourhood plan
    • Advising on sustainability issues 
    • Advising on whether it is considered that the plan meets the basic conditions as set out in legislation
  • Further support is offered to communities through the government Neighbourhood Planning Support Programme. Communities can apply for technical support and grant funding (grants of up to £17,000 are available per community group). The neighbourhood planned support website provides more information.
  • Planning Aid England works directly with neighbourhood planning groups to provide support, advice and professional input to the plans being prepared by those communities.

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This page was last updated on 1 November 2017

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