Public involvement in planning

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out the council's approach to community engagement in:

  • The production of formal planning documents and
  • The determination of planning applications. 

It sets out who may be involved, by what method and at what point in the process of document production or in the determination of planning applications. The aim of the SCI is to increase public involvement in the planning processes and give more certainty to those people wanting to get involved in the planning process.  

The SCI was first published in 2010 and partially updated in October 2020 to reflect COVID-19 restrictions.

Review of the SCI 

Under the current government regulations (Regulation 10A of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (as amended)), the council must review its SCI, to ensure that it is kept up to date, and to ensure effective community involvement at all stages of the planning process.   

In this context “review” is to consider whether a document needs to be updated, rather than the process of updating the document itself. A copy of the 2019 SCI review can be downloaded below. 

Full update to the SCI (February 2024)

Having regard to the review referred to above, a full update to the SCI (dated February 2024) has been completed to take into account the changes since the document was first adopted in 2010. This includes new legal requirements, the approach to neighbourhood planning, updates to national planning policy and guidance, and the increased use of digital technology and social media.

The document has been completely restructured to make it very clear as to:

  • Who we will involve in producing local planning documents and making decisions on planning applications
  • When we will involve them
  • How we will involve them
  • What happens to comments received

The February 2024 Draft SCI can be downloaded below and was subject to a period of consultation between 23 February and 5 April 2024. Note that the October 2020 SCI will continue to be applied until such time as it is replaced by the newly adopted SCI.

What happens next

We are considering all comments received as part of preparing a final version of the SCI. It is likely that an updated SCI will be adopted in June 2024. Once adopted it will be replace the current version from October 2020.

Spatial planning consultee database

If you would like to be kept informed of consultations and other notifications relating to planning policy documents we can add you to the spatial planning consultee database if you email your details to We will hold your data in accordance with our privacy notice (Adobe PDF format, 144kb).

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