Strategic housing market assessment (SHMA)

The national planning policy framework (paragraph 159) states that local planning authorities should have a clear understanding of housing needs in their area, and as part of this should prepare a strategic housing market assessment. 

The government has published strategic housing market assessment practice guidance detailing how to produce a strategic housing market assessment.

Salford SHMA

The council published a SHMA in February 2012. The assessment is intended to provide an objective analysis of the varied housing market issues affecting the city, assessing the existing housing market, recent changes, and future needs. In doing so, it draws on information from a wide range of sources, including nationally collated statistics, projections and forecasts, local surveys and studies, development monitoring, and published research.

The scope and detail of this SHMA has been based on the SHMA guidance. However, some additional sections have been included, such as on the future potential housing supply in the city and likely future market performance.

The Salford SHMA can be downloaded from this page.

Regional and sub-regional SHMA

Two other SHMAs covering Salford were published in 2008, namely the:

  • North west SHMA, commissioned by 4NW and prepared by a consortium of Nevin Leather Associates, Manchester Geomatics, the University of Sheffield and Inner City Solutions (July 2008)
  • Greater Manchester SHMA, commissioned by the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities and prepared by Deloitte MCS Ltd and GVA Grimley (December 2008)

An update to the Greater Manchester SHMA was published in May 2010.

These SHMAs set Salford within a broader context, and can be seen as complementary to the Salford SHMA. They can be downloaded below.

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