Town centres are changing. And despite Eccles’ many strengths, it faces similar challenges to other towns in Salford and across the country. The pandemic has had a huge impact on so much of our lives – jobs and the economy, our leisure time and wellbeing. And the move to online shopping has had significant impact on Eccles’ high street and shopping centre which were already in need of investment.

The Eccles for tomorrow

We know that Eccles has great potential for positive change, and we believe that now is the time for us all to come together to develop a long-term shared vision for its future.

The new vision will build local pride and confidence in our great town, and help attract inward investment, create jobs, and support existing business in the area as we reignite our economy post-coronavirus.

Salford City Council and ForViva have commissioned placemaking-specialists Thinkingplace to develop a vision for Eccles that will make a real difference to the town and the people who live, work and visit.

This page was last updated on 9 March 2022

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