Biodiversity trigger list


The biodiversity trigger list has been designed for use by Planning Officers when initially considering a planning application submission.

It aims to highlight the circumstances where an ecological survey should accompany an application by identifying those sites, which may have some potential to support a protected, or priority species or habitat.

The Natural EnglandĀ and Rural Communities Act 2006 places a duty on local authorities to have regard to conserving biodiversity. Species protected by other legislation remain a material planning consideration, which without sufficient information a planning decision cannot be made.

It is important that an ecological appraisal is undertaken at the earliest possible stage of the development process - to allow ecological constraints to influence and be integrated into the design of development from the start.

The trigger list is an internal working note to assist the consideration of planning applications, rather than being planning guidance. Wider information and guidance are referenced at the end of the note.

The trigger list can be downloaded below for information purposes.

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