Educational Psychology Service: feedback

We need your feedback!

At Salford Educational Psychology Service we are constantly trying to develop our practice so that we are better able to meet the strengths and needs of the families we support.

If you have any ideas or want to give us feedback on what you like or don’t like about how we work then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please contact us on:

You said... We did...
Young people told us that they would like more accessible information about our service. We have updated and improved our website on the Salford Local Offer page.
Young people told us that they wanted to feel listened to by our service. We have developed a Voice of the Child strategy document and Salford and Tameside EPs will be attending training from the Tameside Youth Council.
Young people told us that they wanted to know more information about us before they meet us. We have created ‘one page profiles’ all about us which are shared with schools and young people before or during our work with them.
Young people told us that they wanted to be more involved in their own referral process. We are evaluating our Request for Involvement Form in line with feedback from the Tameside Youth Council.


If you feel your EP has done a good job please pass your compliments onto Claire Jackson, Principal EP Salford and Tameside, email Compliments are always gratefully received and support us to recognise practice you find helpful.

We will then be in contact with you afterwards to tell you what we have done following your feedback.


Any concerns or complaints should be directed to your service provider in the first instance. However, in the unlikely event that, following liaison with your service provider, your issues remain unsolved and you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, your complaint should then be directed to: Claire Jackson (

Your complaint will be acknowledged on receipt (within 24 hours for email and five calendar days for letters) and we will respond fully / provide an update (if a full reply is not possible) within 14 calendar days in line with the Authorities Customer Care Standards.

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