Education welfare service

We provide help, advice and support to those children, young people and their families who are experiencing education related difficulties especially around regular attendance at school.

We support schools by:

  • Working in partnership with schools in developing strategies to raise attendance
  • Providing advice about implementation of school based policies, procedures and systems, like effective registration procedures
  • Receiving attendance referrals
  • Developing partnerships between home and school
  • Facilitating case conferences and other meetings
  • Giving advice and support
  • Providing training and other school related activities
  • Using statistical analysis as a means of targeting resources and identifying specific school related issues

We support families and pupils by:

  • Monitoring the progress of Looked After Children and targeting the appropriate support
  • Making home visits to help parents/carers with school attendance problems
  • Working directly with pupils to solve difficulties affecting their rights and responsibilities within the education law
  • Supporting families when transferring schools
  • Helping parents to understand their rights and responsibilities within the education law
  • Acting as a link between home and school when communication has broken down
  • Providing a link with other agencies on behalf of families
  • Providing information on education otherwise than at school

However persistent failure in ensuring your child attends school regularly can lead to prosecution.

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