Broughton Jewish Cassell Fox Primary School

School details


Legh Road
M7 4RT

Telephone: 0161 921 2500


Headteacher: Y. Pearlman

School type: Academy

Total number of places for nursery: This school manage their own nursery provision. Please contact them directly for details.

Total number of places for reception: 90

Total applications received by offer day for reception: 31

Breakdown of reception offers at offer day (19 April 2022): All applicants offered

Total numbers of reception offers made: 35

Total reception vacancies: 55

Admission policy

Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School serves the Orthodox Jewish Community of Greater Manchester. It seeks to provide a broad and balanced education based on traditional Torah values combined with the National Curriculum.

Applications to join the school are dealt with confidentially and are processed as quickly as possible. Prospective applicants are encouraged to look around the school and experience the happy atmosphere in which each child achieves his/her fullest potential.

We are delighted to welcome children whose families are understanding and supportive of the Torah ethos of our school. We emphasise the importance of 'Shemiras Shabbos', 'Middos Tovos' and 'Tznius', modesty in every aspect of everyday life. It is crucial that pupils experience no conflict between their school life and their home life. It is therefore important for parents to appreciate our aspirations and work with us for the benefit of our children.

The school caters for children of families who conduct their lives in accordance with the laws of the Shulchan Aruch particularly in relation to Shabbos Observance and Kashrus.

By applying to the school families are implying acceptance of its ethos and terms of reference.

The governors will admit all children who have education, health and care plans in which the school is named. 

Admission dates

Most children enter our School’s private pre-nursery, in the school year that they become three years old, or into the nursery in the year they become four. In all cases applications must be made by 15 January for September entries in any year.

Children may join the school later, at any time during the school year upon prior arrangement with the Acting Head Teacher and Principal.

Oversubscription criteria

The admission number for the school is 90. In the event of oversubscription in any one year and subject always to the criteria set out above admission will be applied as listed below:

Admissions criteria

  1. Orthodox Jewish children who are Looked After by a local authority under the provisions of the Children Act 1989 and formerly Looked After Children.
  2. Orthodox Jewish children with a brother or sister or step brother/sister residing at the same address as a pupil currently in the school. This includes step-children and foster children living with the same family at the same address. Other children may be considered under the sibling criterion provided proof is available to demonstrate that the children are permanently resident at the same address and part of the same family unit. The school accepts that in some family units, the children may not be natural brother or sister.
  3. Orthodox Jewish children coming through our own Kindergarten and Nursery
  4. Orthodox Jewish children living within a radius of one mile from the school as the crow flies, and adhering to our ethos of key observations as set out below as prescribed by the Shulchan Aruch.
  5. Other Jewish children
  6. Other children who are 'Looked After' by a local authority under the provisions of the Children Act 1989; and formerly Looked After Children
  7. Other children


a. Parents of pupils who are refused admission can apply to an appeals committee for the case to be reviewed. In such cases the parent/carer has to contact the Clerk to the Governor Body at the school within 20 days of a refusal, in which respect time is of the essence. Thereafter, applications for review will not be entertained.

b. Families may be required to produce independent references as regards their observance of Shabbos both privately and publicly. Yom Tov, Kashrus and tznius from the Rabbi of their community or synagogue verifying their degree of practical commitment to Orthodox Judaism as outlined above. In the event of an issue in this respect, the Governors will refer a specific matter to the Manchester Beth Din for determination, whose decision in this regard will be accepted by all parties and treated with finality.

c. Tie-breaker – where there are more children in one particular criterion than there are places available, places will be allocated to the children whose home address is nearest to the school. The distance will be measured in a straight line distance. Those children whose home address is closest to the school will be those who get priority for places. In the event of a tie where two or more pupils’ home address is the same distance from the preferred school and only one place is available, random selection will be used.

d. The child’s home address – this is considered to be the child’s normal place of residence. If parents are separated and the child spends time at each parent’s address the address which will be used for admission to schools is that of the main carer. The main carer is determined as the parent who is in receipt of child benefit. If a child is resident with friends or relatives for reasons other than guardianship, the friend or relative’s address will not be considered.

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