Self-managed sites

Responsibility for running many of Salford's allotment sites has now been handed over to allotment associations in a successful self-management initiative.

The main principles of the agreement include that the associations will:

  • Provide three trustees from a formally constituted group, with whom the council makes the agreement
  • Manage and control the allotments and collect the rent payable
  • Manage and control the tenant waiting lists/rents, etc
  • Be responsible for the general infrastructural maintenance of the site
  • Take out adequate public liability insurance for the period of agreement
  • Provide details of their proposed charges to tenant which must be agreed by the council
  • Continue to maintain a water supply where it already exists and contribute to the water charges

Whereas, Salford City Council will:

  • Provide initial details of existing tenants/waiting list to the association
  • Act as arbiter in any dispute between the trustees and tenants
  • Undertake any necessary tree work on the sites
  • Continue to support the trustees, where applicable, in the development of the sites

If you're interested in developing self-management at your own allotment site, please contact on 0161 607 1759.

List of sites

The following allotment sites are managed by an allotment association and if you would like to apply for one of these allotment plots, please contact the site directly.

Location Contact Telephone
Cawdor Street, Walkden Sue Edgerton:
Not available

Clifton Allotments, Cotton Street, Swinton

Lyn Severs:
Not available
Clovelly, Swinton Keith Taylor:
James Dunlop:
Not available
Destructor site, Swinton Roger Wilcox 0783 182 5320
Lorne Street, Eccles David Valentine 0777 610 5048
Tindall Street, Eccles

Vincent Nield:

Newhall Avenue, Eccles Not applicable
Townsend Road, Swinton Roger Wilcox 0783 182 5320
Mountain Street, Walkden Lee Tyrer:
0756 810 1203
Weaste, Salford Michael Palmer 0795 117 2745
Cleavley, Eccles Pat Walkington:
0161 789 1810
Hilton Lane, Walkden Dave Crossley:
Not available
Tatton Street, Ordsall Hilary Belither:
Not available
Poorlots, Cadishead Alan Cavanagh:
Not available
Addison Road, Irlam David Lever 0778 737 8868
Mossfield Road, Swinton Phil McKenna, Owen Griffiths and Andy Fenton:
Not available
Blackleach Allotments, Harcourt Street, Worsley Joe Hunt

Not available

This page was last updated on 8 March 2022

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