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Meetings for Ordsall and Langworthy Community Committee

DateTuesday 1 April 2003
LocationWrotham Close, Westerham Avenue, off Liverpool Street, Salford.
Item Subject
1Apologies for Absence.
2To agree, as a correct record, the minutes of the meeting held on 4th February, 2003.
Minutes of Community Committee meeting held on 4th February, 2003
3Matters Arising.
4Ordsall Consultation Event - proposals for public consultation meeting to be held on 10th April, 2003 (Malcolm Sykes).
5Primary School Review (Judy Edmonds).
Primary School Review - Report to Cabinet 19 February, 2003
6Proposed Closure of Ordsall Post Office (Malcolm Sykes).
Report of the Area Co-ordinator - Proposed Closure of Ordsall Branch Post Office
7Feedback from Ordsall Development Services Group (Malcolm Sykes).
8Report back from Ordsall/Langworthy and SRB 5 Task Groups (Ross Spanner/Tony Walsh).
9Ordsall and Langworthy within the Community Plan and the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy (Marie Lindars).
10Budget Sub-Group: the Committee is asked to note the decisions of the Budget Sub-Group meeting held on 17th March, 2003.
Recommendations of meeting of Budget Sub-Group held on 17th March, 2003
11Items for Information: (i) Patients Forums in Salford, (ii) All Postal Ballot - Briefing Note, and (iii) Supplementary Planning Guidance - Telecommunications.
12Any Other Business.
13Date of Next Meeting - Tuesday 3rd June, 2003.
Contact officer Claire Edwards
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161-793-2602
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