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Meetings for Economic and Community Safety Scrutiny Committee

DateMonday 7 July 2003
LocationA Committee Room, Salford Civic Centre, Swinton.

Members Briefing - All Members are reminded that there will be a pre meeting prior to the main meeting at 1.30.

Item Subject
2Action Sheet from the 2 June 2003.
Action Sheet of the 2 June 2003
3Strategy and Development: (a) The Committees Priorities - Project Work on Regeneration. (b) Best Value Review of Economic Development.
Service Improvement Plan 1.
Service Improvement Plan 3.
Committee Priorities - Project Work on Regeneration.
Service Improvement Plan 2.
Best Value Review of Economic Development - Final Report.
4Performance Management - no items.
5Progress Reports: (a) City Council as an Employer.
The City Council as an Employer - Update
6Information: (a) Criminal Justice Reform Act. (b) Crime Related Issues Paper.
Crime Related Issues.
Criminal Justice Reform Act.
7Forward Plan.
Forward Plan July 2003
Work Programme - July 2003
9Any other business of an urgent nature.
Contact officer Karen Lucas
Title Principal Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3318
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