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Meetings for Swinton Community Committee

DateTuesday 14 October 2003
LocationCommittee Room 4 , Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton
Item Subject
1Apologies for absence :
Apologies have been submitted by Councillors Upton and Warner and Mrs Gray and Nichola Ramsden.
2Minutes of the meeting held on 12th August ,2003
Mins of 120803
Apendix to mins 120803
3Matters Arising
Minute 34 refers : Paulette Holness, Unit Development Officer for Older and Disabled People , will report on the Older Peoples' Forum
5Notice of Motion
To consider the enclosed Notice of Motion. Attached also are notes on the procedure to be followed in considering such notices and for commenting upon the UDP.
Procedural note
Notice of Motion UDP
UDP briefing note
6The Community Action Plan ( CAP )
CAP 03/04
CAP 03/04
7Social Inclusion Forum ( SIF )
Enclosed are details of the SIF which meets four times a year to bring together people from agencies with those from communities . The SIF is also a potential source of funding so representation by the Community Committee is important. As the two representatives nominated by the Community Committee have not been attending meetings Members may wish to revise their selection.
8Budget Sub Group :
(a) Feedback from Grant Recipients (i) Alan Leary will attend the meeting to thank the Committee for the grant paid to the Agnes Hopkins Centre and to report on the uses made and (ii) Agecroft Community Together has written to thank the Committee for their support . The Playingfield which the Committee helped to develop and fence is popular with both users and the community who have remarked on how nice it is to see children using the field . The balance of the funding was used to pay for a Fun/ Sports Day on 29th/ 30th August ,2003.
(b) Budget Sub Group : The Committee is asked , as appropriate , to note the decisions taken by , or recommendations of, the Budget Sub Group at their meeting on 4th September,2003.
(c) The Budget Sub Group scheduled for 30th September,2003, was not quorate and so did not deal with any business . The Committee is asked , therefore, to consider the attached report.
Budget Sub 04/09/03
Budget sub 300903
9Items for Information
(a) Living Spaces : details of how community groups can apply for funding under this scheme are attached.
(b) Landfill Tax Credit : details of the scheme enclosed
(c) Making Salford's Health Care Better : details of how to take part in this project are attached.
(d) Council Papers : The website of Salford City Council is now open to the public. Information is available about the wide range of Council services and other activities in the city . Agenda and reports for current and past meetings of the Community Committee can also be accessed from the site. Members should log onto and access the ' Council Papers ' link.
(e) Local Democracy Week : week commencing 13th October , 2003, has been designated Local Democracy Week. On Thursday, 16th October,2003, there will be a number of events at the Salford Civic Centre including tours of the Centre and presentations on the services of the City Council.
(f) Vandalism at Swinton Cemetery : there have been ongoing problems with vandalism and youth activity at Swinton Cemetery which are deterring people from visiting the cemetery. To help establish the scale of the problem residents are asked to report any incidents, in confidence, to the Police on telephone number 872 5050.
(g) Flu Jabs for the Over 65s - Enclosed are details of clinics which will be offering free flu jabs to people aged over 65.
Living Spaces
Health Care
Landfill tax credit
10Any Other Business
(a) Community Representatives may raise any issues of concern to their area or group
(b) Ward Councillors may raise any item not already covered
So as to ensure that decisions can be taken at the meeting Members are asked to notify items - especially costs - in advance on telephone 793-3008
11Date of Next Meeting
The Community Committee will next meet at 7pm on Tuesday, 9th December,2003
Contact officer Dave Cunningham
Title Senior Committee Administrator
Telephone (0161) 793 3008
Fax (0161) 793 3160
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