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Meetings for Cabinet Meeting

DateWednesday 24 September 2003
LocationA Committee Room at the Salford Civic centre, Swinton
Item Subject
1Apologies for Absence.
2Declarations of Interest, if any.
3Minutes of Proceedings.
Minutes of Cabinet Meeting held on 10th September, 2003
4Pledge 5 - Stronger Communities
Pledge 5 - Stronger Communities (Executive Summary)
Pledge 5 - Stronger Communities (Report Details)
5Salford Commiunity Leisure Limited Agreements - Proposed Delegated Authority
Salford Community Leisure Limited - Approvals
6Electoral Reform Consultation
Electoral Reform Consultation (Report Details)
Electoral Reform Consultation (Executive Summary)
7Budget Scrutiny Committee Papers (3rd September, 2003) Click Here
Budget Committee Report
Contact officer Paul Templeton
Title Committee Services Manager
Telephone 793 3018
Fax 793 3160
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