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Meetings for Council Meeting

DateWednesday 17 September 2003
LocationCouncil Chamber , Salford Civic Centre , Swinton

You are invited to attend the meeting of Salford City Council to be held as indicated above for the transaction of the following business . Members are requested to ensure that their mobile telephones are switched off during the Council meeting .

Item Subject
1Prayers .
2Apologies for absence .
3Declarations of Interest .
4Public Question Time .
Question from Harrop Fold Parents Action Group regarding Harrop Fold School
Question from M Tate regarding Harrop Fold High School
5Mayor's Citizens Award .
6Minutes of the meeting held on 20th August , 2003 .
Minutes of the Council meeting held on 20th August 2003
7Receipt of petitions/communications .
8Asylum Seekers Commission
Report of the Leader - Asylum Seekers Commission
9Supplementary Planning Guidance for Higher Broughton Regeneration Area .
Report of the Lead Member for Development Services - HB Regeneration Area
Higher Broughton Regeneration Area - Supplementary Planning Guidance September 2003
10Unitary Development Plan Review .
Report of the Lead Member for Development Services - UDP Review
11Data Protection Policy .
Report of the Head of Law and Administration - Data Protection Policy
12Ethical Framework - Update June , 2003 .
Report of the Head of Law and Administration - Ethical Framework Update June 2003
13Annual Report of the Standards Committee .
Standards Committee Annual Report 2002/03
14Ward Boundaries Review .
Ward Boundary Review - Map
Report of the Leader - Future Electoral Arrangements
15Waiver of the Call-In Procedure for Decisions by Lead Members .
Report of the Director of Development Services - Waiver of Call-In Procedure
16Questions and Comments on the discharge of functions of the undermentioned authorities and bodies to be answered by the Members indicated .
16aFire and Civil Defence - Councillor Wilson .
16bPassenger Transport - Councillor Warner .
16cPolice - Councillor Connor .
16dWaste Disposal - Councillor Lancaster .
16eOutside Bodies - Appropriate Councillors .
17General Questions and Comments to Lead Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios , including the cross cutting issues shown in brackets .
17aCouncillor Merry - Leader of the Council ( Communications;Boundary Committee Matters ) .
17bCouncillor Lancaster - Deputy Leader of the Councillor ( Crime and Disorder ;Electoral Matters;Targets and Pledges;Property ) .
17cCouncillor Connor - Housing Services .
17dCouncillor Sheehy - Personnel
17eCouncillor Warner - Arts and Leisure .
17fCouncillor Warmisham - Community and Social Services ( Community Strategy ) .
17gCouncillor Hinds - Corporate Services .
17hCouncillor Antrobus - Development Services .
17iCouncillor Mann - Education .
17jCouncillor Mrs . Lea - Environmental Services ( Youth) .
18Question and Comments to Chairmen of Scrutiny Committees .
19Amendments to the Council Constitution .
Report of the Director of Corporate Services - Council Constitution - Proposed Amendments
Contact officer Lynne Slamon
Title Senior Committee Administrator
Telephone (0161) 793 3007
Fax (0161) 793 3160
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