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Meetings for Housing Lead Members Briefing

DateFriday 8 December 2000
LocationTurnpike House
Item Subject
1Minutes of Meeting held on 24/11/00
Minutes 24th November, 2000
233 Fiddlers Lane
33 Fiddlers Lane
352 Manchester Rd
52 Manchester Road
452 Sportside Ave
52 Sportside Ave
5435 Eccles New Road
435 Eccles New Rd
6154 Kenyon Way
154 Kenyon Way
7Former Council Depot, Swinton Hall Road
Former Council Depot, Swinton Hall Road
8Langworthy & Seedley Initiative
Langworthy & Seedley Initiative
9Manchester Rd East
Manchester Rd East
10Wyndham Ave & Fitton Crescent
Wyndham Ave & Fitton Crescent
11Red Rose Forest
Red Rose Forest
12PPR at Trinity & Victoria Lodge
PPR at Trinity & Victoria Lodge
14Budget Consultation (for info only)
Budget Consultation
15Kingsley Court (for info only)
Kingsley Court
16Delegated Powers (for info only)
Delegated Powers
17Private Sector Empty Property Surveys (for info only)
Private Sector Empty Property Surveys
18Budgetary Control (for info only)
Budgetary Control
19HIP Assessment and Allocation (for info) (verbal report)
20Housing Restructure (for info)
Housing Restructure
21HACAS Chapman Hendy (for info only)
Chapman Hendy Letter
Contact officer Mike Relph
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3013
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